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Health Care Jobs Map: Best States for MHA and MPH Graduates

Where are the Best States for Health Care Administration and Public Health?

Are you thinking about pursuing a master’s degree in health administration or public health? If you have a calling to serve others and want to improve health outcomes locally or nationwide, the MHA and MPH degree programs may help you take the next step in your career. Both degrees can open doors and lead to advancement opportunities in public and private health organizations anywhere in the US, but where are the best states for MHA and MPH graduates?

If you’re considering a graduate degree in health administration or public health for career advancement and have thought about relocating for better job prospects, this map will show you where the jobs are that may be filled by graduates of MHA and MPH programs. Use this free health care jobs map to see the top states for these in-demand MHA and MPH career paths:

Master’s of Public Health (MPH)

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Master’s of Health Administration (MHA)

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Where is the Demand for MHA and MPH Graduates?

The job outlook for these MHA and MPA careers is strong. For example, the BLS predicts a 17 percent increase in medical and health services managers nationwide by 2024, which represents an additional 56,300 jobs. Although we can’t say where demand for MHA and MPH graduates will be highest in the next decade, a lot can be said about the current job market for health care professionals by looking at the maps above.


Not surprising, California is the leading state for the careers spotlighted on the map. According to the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD), health care related occupations represent over seven percent of California’s total employment. The occupational outlook for medical and health services managers in California alone is 20 percent through 2024, which translates to a projected increase of 6,200 jobs for clinical directors, hospital directors, medical directors, health care administrators, public health administrators and other related titles under the “medical and health services managers” umbrella. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a nationwide increase of 56,300 medical and health services managers during the same period of time, which means that approximately 11 percent of the jobs that fall under this occupational umbrella are expected in California alone.

What are the factors that determine which states are best for health care jobs?

Population is a big one—obviously states with more people will have a greater need for practitioners and administrators to deliver health care services—but there are other factors that may be at play and should be considered when planning your MHA or MPH career. For example, one could expect to see a correlation between the best states for health care and the best states for health care jobs. Let’s see.The table compares location quotients for two leading careers in health administration and public health across the 10 best states for health care according to U.S. News and World Report. Location quotient comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the BLS, a location quotient greater than one indicates the occupation has a higher share of employment than average.

Health Care Rank6 State Medical and Health Services Managers – Location Quotient (May 2016)7 Social and Community Service Manager – Location Quotient (May 2016)8
1 Hawaii 0.94 1.18
2 Massachusetts 1.63 2.13
3 Minnesota 1.13 1.19
4 New Hampshire 0.99 1.07
5 Iowa 1.53 1.70
6 Vermont 1.08 2.19
7 Rhode Island 1.23 1.17
8 New Jersey 1.06 0.92
9 Washington 1.92 1.21
10 California 0.88 1.16

For these two careers, almost all states in the top 10 for health care have a higher share of employment than the national average—even those states that have a location quotient below one are very close to the threshold for being considered better than average for these specific MHA and MPH careers.

If you want to expand your career opportunities in health care, or transition into the field from a non-health career, consider how an online Master’s of Health Administration or Master’s of Public Health degree may help you reach your goals.

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