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Master’s in Health Administration Schools Online

Would you like to administer, lead and manage health care systems? Whether you’re looking to take the next step as a health care professional or start a new career in health care by leveraging your experience with an advanced degree, consider an online Master’s of Health Administration (MHA) degree program.

On this page you’ll find information about online MHA programs offered through colleges and universities across the United States. We’ve also provided some general information below to help you evaluate different health administration online degree programs.

To learn more about a particular online MHA program — including program details, student eligibility and admission requirements — click on a school’s name below. Even after you find a MHA program and request more information, be sure to bookmark our resource center and check back often for articles, interviews, infographics, videos and other great resources designed for career-driven healthcare professionals like you.

How to Evaluate an Online MHA Program

As you explore the schools and programs on this page, keep the following questions in mind to help you evaluate your online Master’s of Health Administration options.

  • Is the program accredited? Accreditation is the process through which a school or program is evaluated based on academic requirements set by various accrediting bodies. There is some assurance and peace of mind that comes with accreditation, but it’s not a guarantee that the program will meet your wants and needs. A school may be accredited while its health administration program is not, or its on-campus program may be accredited while the online version is still pending review. In any case, keep your eye open for an accredited online MHA program but don’t assume that non-accredited programs are of lesser quality.
  • Does the program meet state-specific licensing requirements? States may require licensure for health administrators that work in long-term care facilities, but all states require a license to work as a nursing home administrator. If this is your career goal, check with your state’s licensing board and make sure the online MHA program you enroll in meets the education requirements needed for a nursing home administrator license. Requirements vary by state. Schools should also be able to provide you with licensing information as it pertains to health administration in your state, if any such licensing requirements exist.
  • Does the program require campus visits? Even if 100 percent of the curriculum is delivered online, some MHA programs may require students to attend one or more on-campus events. These events provide students with hands-on training and provide valuable opportunities to network with faculty and peers. Before you apply to an online Master’s of Health Administration program, especially an out-of-state program, find out if there are required campus visits or other travel requirements. If there are, ask whether the cost of these visits are included in the tuition or if you’ll have to pay travel expenses yourself.
  • Does the program admit students from your state? Considering the number of choices you have when it comes to online MHA degree programs, you may be attracted to a health administration program offered by a school in another state. Find out if the program you are interested in admits students from where you live before you apply. The cost of tuition may also vary for in-state and out-of-state students, so this is something else to consider when looking at online MHA programs.
  • How long does the MHA program take to complete? Credit hour requirements may vary, and not all online MHA programs take the same length of time to complete. In addition to the actual number of classes you will be required to take, consider whether a program is offered full or part time. Part-time health administration degree programs can take up to twice as long to complete, but depending on your work schedule and other responsibilities outside of school, this might be a more attractive (and realistic) option than going back to school full time.

MHA Program Rankings

If school and/or program ranking is an important factor when choosing a Master’s of Health Administration degree program, you will be able to find plenty of ranking lists on the web. However, be careful about the rankings you take seriously in your decision. Look at the methodology behind the rankings and eliminate any lists that aren’t transparent about how the rankings were established. Also, if you do a search for “best online master’s degree in health administration” or “master’s of health administration rankings,” make sure that the rankings you look at are based on more than tuition. A list of the most affordable Master’s of Health Administration programs is not the same as a list of MHA programs ranked by academic quality.

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